One landmark property in Washington D.C., providing office space to high-profile business firms, knows its value is intrinsically tied to its reputation. The visually vibrant, 12 floor, 246,000 square-foot building welcomes hundreds of visitors and vendors to the property each day. The sheer volume of traffic entering and exiting the building places the property at higher risk for liability from incidents.

With the payout against a business for just one slip-and-fall lawsuit averaging $15,000, having the right security measures in place to reduce incidents is essential in ensuring building safety and maintaining tenant satisfaction. To preserve their reputation as D.C.’s premier office space, the management team integrated the smart technology of HELIAUS® to implement additional measures to improve safety and reduce their liability without adding additional security personnel.
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161 Washington Street, Suite 600 | 1551 N. Tustin Avenue, Suite 650